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Five of Swords – Cinco de Espadas

Five of Swords:
Conflict, tension, loss, defeat, win at all costs, betrayal
Rider-waite: In the Five of Swords, a young man, with a look of contempt on his face, stares at his conquered enemies. He possesses five swords, most of which he has taken from the other people in the card. The other two figures walk away from him slowly, with a sense of sadness and loss. The sky is cloudy and tumultuous, indicating that not all is well despite the battle being seemingly over.

The Five of Swords sees you engaging in conflict or finding yourself disagreeing with others, leading to tension and hostility. Despite thinking you have won, you may still end up the loser because you have hurt or annoyed others and have subsequently isolated yourself. Thus, the Five of Swords is a card representing ambition but in the negative sense. Too much ambition without regard to the consequences to yourself or others results ultimately in a situation of loss for everyone.

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